Friday, September 12, 2008


Today was very interesting we drove all the way to MI to stay with some family. We plan on being here for a while now just to help out until after my sister in lawws babies are born. The quads we fairly good through out the trip even though Parker was in a cranky mood all day. But that was fine he had his portable DVD player most the time so he really didn't complain much. Le Le was very excited to see her cousins Haley said she wanted to go home. As for Aylssa and Owen, they slept! Thank Goodness all in all it was a fairly good day. As for tomorrow it may be a little more hectic....ha ha.
I'm so mad all the pictures of Parker were blurry I will have to post one tomorrow!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Hi everyone welcome to the McDonald Family blog, I doubt anyone will read this but it's just for family to see how we are doing!

Well to start off my name is Colleen, I am a Colleen I am a mom of 5 I am married to a wonderful man named Jack. We have been married for 4 years and each and every year we fall in love even more. I have 5 kids as I said before, my oldest son Parker is 5 years old not yet in school because we are moving...I also have quadruplets. 3 girls and one boy, their names are Leah, Aylssa, Haley, and Owen. They just turned 3 this summer May 24th. I guess I will blog some more tonight after dinner. bath, bedtime, midnight cleaning etc.